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History of the Statue of Liberty: the initial project – a Muslim woman in a burqa

The statue of Liberty in Manhattan, the symbol of democracy, which welcomes first arriving in the US for countless immigrants, initially conceived as an Arab woman in a burqa, guarding the Suez canal.
This is stated in an article published on Wednesday, 2 December, French news Agency AFP.

These data were revealed on the background of the migration crisis in Europe, and hundreds of thousands of migrants arriving in Western countries, including the United States, from Muslim States in the Middle East and North Africa.

French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, who travelled Egypt in 1855 -1856., worked on a series of monumental statues, will inform the national Park Service, the office of which is located and the Statue of Liberty.

When the government of Egypt in 1869 were planning to establish a lighthouse on the Suez canal, Bartholdi proposed a giant statue of them wrapped up in a burqa Arab peasant, holding a torch, which he called «Egypt brings light to Asia». But this plan did not materialize, and Bartholdi was given another chance, the French government invited him to sculpt the Statue of Liberty, which the French had intended to present to the Americans for the centennial of the Declaration of Independence in 1876, the project was implemented on the basis of previous work on it was completed in 1886.

History of the Statue of Liberty: the initial project – a Muslim woman in a burqa 02.12.2015

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