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Hitting pedestrians in new York city: one dead, three injured

The NYPD is looking for the driver of the car which has made arrival on the pedestrians in the results which one person was killed and at least four others were seriously injured, one of them is estimated by physicians as critical.

About it writes on Sunday, December 3, the website of the TV channel FOX 61.

The incident in question occurred in Queen at about 04:45 local time. Police say that the driver of the white sedan model, the Hyundai Sonata has deliberately sent the vehicle to people.

Investigation of the accident, police believe that this incident should not be regarded as an act of terrorism.

Witnesses of the incident said that the hitting was done on a group of people emerged from the bar at this hour of the morning. Two of them got into a fight, the others tried to separate them and at this time the car drove onto the sidewalk and continued on his way.

Police did not describe the vehicle and its driver, noting only that his hair was pulled back in the so-called «ponytail».

Information is specified.

Hitting pedestrians in new York city: one dead, three injured 03.12.2017

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