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Hollywood hospital paid the hackers a «ransom» in bitcoin

Presbyterian hospital of Hollywood in Los Angeles (California) paid a ransom of $ 17 thousand dollars to the hackers who on 5 February blocked its computer system, according to TASS.

Initially, the ransomware demanded $ 3.6 million. But in the end they agreed to transfer $17.000 in the virtual currency bitcoin (which allows anonymity).

According to the head of the administration of the hospital, access to a compromised computer system was renewed, on 15 February.

The investigation of blackmail involved the management of the Los Angeles police Department and the FBI. They encouraged the hospital staff to complete incident, not to include office computers and not connect to the network at work personal laptops and tablets to prevent them from being infected with computer viruses.

Diversion hackers partially paralyzed the work of hospitals, which the administration had to transfer many patients for treatment in other medical institutions of the metropolis. Ten days without access to a database of patients, their case histories, results of tests and examinations, sent e-mail. Was conducted computer tomography and similar procedures.

The police were unable to ascertain how the hackers paralyzed the access to the system. It is also unknown whether they tried to steal personal data of patients and staff, whether they have implemented malware.

After hacking a computer system, the entire flow of the hospital was carried out on paper. Instead of e-mail doctors used Fax machines.

Hollywood hospital paid the hackers a «ransom» in bitcoin 18.02.2016

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