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HOMS leave 10,000 people, accused Russia of ethnic cleansing

1.500 thousands of residents of the city of HOMS has left the area of al-Vier besieged by Syrian government troops. All in all, the district will be removed over 10,000 people. Leave the area and opposition fighters.

The evacuation was the result of an agreement between the authorities and the opposition. It is held by the International Red cross with the support of the Syrian regime and Russia. Fleeing their homes, the Syrians are transported in Dzharablus, located in the opposition-controlled territories near the Turkish border.

According to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, documents on the agreement on evacuation was signed by about 15,000 people. Thus, it will be the largest operation of this kind during the entire Syrian conflict. Note that only the area is home to about 40,000 people.

Published in the London newspaper «al-Hayat» qualifies what is happening as ethnic cleansing. It also places the responsibility for what is happening in Russia – the patron of the Assad regime.

The release of Sunni settlements from opposition fighters have repeatedly led to the expulsion of the local Sunni population accused of supporting opponents of the regime. In their place is populated by Shiites allied with Assad.

HOMS leave 10,000 people, accused Russia of ethnic cleansing 19.03.2017

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