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Hospital «Ichilov»: the singer Amir Frisher-Gutmann was a cancer

The representative of the hospital «Ichilov» AVI Shushan at the conference for journalists specializing in health care, said that contrary to media reports that the singer was raised about the diagnosis, Amir Frisher-Gutmann was a cancer. About the speech of the representative of the hospital «Ichilov» in front of reporters in Eilat, told the radio station «Kan bet».

AVI Shushan, said that doctors «Ihilove» so far not commented on the publication of the accusations in the address out of respect to the Amir and to the right of the patient to protect medical confidentiality.

To a journalist’s question, the field of Gilboa, what was the point of Amir lie that he was sick with cancer, AVI Shushan noticed that he did not want to discuss the motives of the patient. But it is said that Amir treated one of the best experts, authors of textbooks on the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma. «We are here in Israel believe that U.S. experts better than ours, but it’s not. With Amir worked with Israeli doctors with a world name,» said AVI Shushan.

On the question of why during the autopsy, which was made after the singer drowned, was not found traces of cancer, the representative of Ichilov said that the assigned treatment has helped and he recovered fully.

However, the family’s lawyer Fresher-Gutman, commenting on the statement by the representative of Ichilov hospital, said that samples taken from Amir before chemotherapy, showed that he was cancer-free.

We will remind that in the beginning of last year the doctors told Amir Frisaro-Gutman that he has lymphoma. Was already scheduled surgery date for a bone marrow transplant, when American expert stated that the error occurred. According to him, Amir was not lymphoma, but a rare infectious disease — Kikuchi, whose symptoms are misled oncologists. 22 Jul Amir Frisher Gutman gathered on the beach with their friends and relatives to celebrate the «second birth» — the day when he became aware of the fact that he doesn’t have cancer. Amir drowned, rescuing 5-year-old niece.

After death the body Fresher-Gutman was transferred for examination to establish whether there is relationship between what the body of the singer was not able to cope with the consequences of the accident and the treatment that he was held for several months.

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Hospital «Ichilov»: the singer Amir Frisher-Gutmann was a cancer 26.11.2017

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