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Hospital of new York agreed to accept the child suffering from a rare disease

City hospital of new York offered the assistance of 11-month-old Charlie Gard, the terminally ill British boy who courts in the UK and the European court of human rights does not allow to be treated abroad. This was announced on Thursday, July 7, CBS News.

The child has a rare genetic disease — a form of depletion syndrome mitochondrial DNA. Because of this illness his brain was damaged, and Charlie can’t breathe. My parents tried to bring him to the US for experimental treatment, but this attempt was blocked by the courts after doctors said it will not help the boy.

Willingness to help Charlie expressed Pope Francis and U.S. President Donald trump. Presbyterian hospital and medical center «Irving» at Columbia University stated that they are willing to accept the child, provided that there is agreement on safe transportation, no legal barriers, as well as a resolution from Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines for experimental treatment.

As an alternative, medical facilities the US is also ready to send experimental drug to Charlie in a London hospital Great Ormond Street Hospital, where the child, and advise the medical staff about the use of the drug. However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson expressed support for the decision of the courts on this issue.

Charlie Gard was born 4 August 2016 in the family of a British Chris Garda, Connie Yates. Carriers of the affected gene turned out to be both parents, but they didn’t know about it until I passed the exams because of a diagnosis of the son.

Modern medicine does not know ways of treatment of the syndrome of depletion of mitochondrial DNA. Charlie’s parents insisted to carry it to one of the American private clinics to undergo an experimental course of nucleoside therapy. The effectiveness of this method, used for the treatment of HIV patients, in case Charlie is still difficult to assess. But there is evidence that it has helped one child in the United States.

However, British physicians felt that to send a child to an experimental treatment has no meaning and should be allowed to die with dignity. Mother and Charlie’s father tried several times to appeal the decision in court, but London’s High court, appeal court and Supreme court of the United Kingdom left medical regulation in force. Point in this litigation has put the European court of human rights: on June 27 it rejected the appeal of Chris Como and Connie Yates, relying on previous judgments and expertise.

Hospital of new York agreed to accept the child suffering from a rare disease 07.07.2017

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