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Human rights activists accuse Russia of death of 152 of Syrian children

According to London’s «al-Sharq al-Awsat», three months after Russia’s intervention in the Syrian civil war, the victims of the Russian bombings began 570 civilians, including 152 children.

According to human rights organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, in the first half of December as a result of actions of the Russian air force killed 353 civilians, including 94 children and 60 women. Injured 950 people.

According to human rights activists, only 10-15% of the applied air strikes on positions «Islamic state». At the same time, the Russian air force often bombed the civilian infrastructure – markets, hospitals, residential neighborhoods.

It is alleged that after the interception of the Turkish air force bomber su-24 Russian air force established the blockade of the border between Syria and Turkey, attacking humanitarian convoys. This greatly complicated the humanitarian situation in Northern Syria.

As reported by the anonymous representatives of the UN mission in southern Turkey, the Russian bombing caused a new wave of flight from Syria. The number of refugees is estimated at 260.000 people.

Human rights activists accuse Russia of death of 152 of Syrian children 16.12.2015

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