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«Humble President»: the Makron was dressed in a suit for 450 euros

During the inauguration of the newly elected President of France Emmanuel macron was dressed in a suit that cost 450 euros, which, according to experts, testifies to the extraordinary modesty of the new head of state and his desire to distance himself from the so-called «policy gadgets».

About it writes on Sunday, may 14, the news Agency Reuters.

Reporters noted that the team of Macron told the press the price of his suit, and the fact that the outfit is his wife Bridgette were borrowed from the fashion house of Louis Vuitton.

Thus the couple macron stood amid a series of financial scandals over their rival, the leader of the party «the Republicans» françois Fillon, who, in particular, has received the suit worth 13.000 Euro as a gift from a wealthy businessman. And retired President Francois Hollande is known to have paid your hairdresser 10.000 euros per month.

Public opinion polls conducted in France show that the citizens of the country put first the honesty of the leader, and the modesty of the costume of the new President says that it this signal is caught.

«Humble President»: the Makron was dressed in a suit for 450 euros

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