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Humiliation, or the lesser evil: Ministers and commentators argue about the agreement with Turkey

Wednesday, June 29, there will be a meeting of the military-political Cabinet, which will discuss the agreement between Israel and Turkey.

— The signing of an agreement between Israel and Turkey. Tell your opinion

Education Minister Naftali Bennett and justice Minister Ayelet shaked (the»Bayt Yehudi») has declared that will vote against the agreement. «The normalization of relations with Turkey is an important step, and it is in Israel’s interest, but the payment of compensation to those who organized the attack on IDF soldiers is a dangerous precedent that Israel will regret in the future,» said Naftali Bennett.

The day before sources in the party «Israel Our home» said the editorial that the defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said about the intention to vote against the agreement on normalization of relations with Turkey. At the faction meeting, Lieberman said that his position regarding the apology to Turkey for the events of 2010, when the Israeli military prevented a breakthrough of a naval blockade of the Gaza strip, remained unchanged.

Ministers Moshe Kahlon and Yoav GALANT («Kulan»), Aryeh Deri (SHAS) and Yuval Steinitz (Likud) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will vote for the agreement.
At the moment it is unknown how the vote Ministers Yisrael Katz and Gilad Erdan. According to observers, in any case, the Prime Minister will be able to form a majority that will adopt the agreement with Turkey. Once approved by Cabinet, the agreement will be represented in the Knesset, since we are talking about an international Treaty.

In turn, agriculture Minister URI Ariel demanded to make an agreement with Turkey to the government for consideration.

The Israeli media is also an ongoing debate about the agreement. Military commentator for the newspaper ha’aretz Amos Harel calls the agreement «a lesser evil». According to the commenter, the agreement will improve coordination with Turkey in matters where there are common interests between the two countries, but also alienates new confrontation with Hamas in the Gaza strip. However. Israel was forced to compromise, which in the opinion of Harel, are tolerable.

A similar view is expressed by Ben Caspian, commenting on the agreement in the newspaper and Maariv-Shavua». According to Caspit, «Netanyahu and Erdogan need each other in the moment, and so they had to compromise and end the conflict.» However, Kuspit writes that «this agreement is far from being considered perfect.»

SIMA Kadmon writes in the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» that the agreement with Turkey could be reached a few years ago at a much lower price than it is now. According to Kadmon, the only real consequence of the agreement was reconciliation, Netanyahu and Erdogan. «All the other aspects of the Israeli-Turkish relations have functioned and continue to function without agreement».

Haim Shine writes in the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» that «the agreement is dictated by far-reaching strategic interests of Israel, and therefore, despite the fact that it is painful and unpopular, his signing is dictated by the sense of responsibility.»

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Humiliation, or the lesser evil: Ministers and commentators argue about the agreement with Turkey 28.06.2016

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