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Hundreds of people participated in protest demonstrations outside the house of the head of the Israel security Agency

On Saturday, December 19, more than a thousand people took part in the demonstration near the house of the head of the General security service (Shin bet) Yoram Cohen. The demonstration took place in protest against what its members called «the torture to which teenagers are exposed, detained by the Israel security Agency».

We are talking about the alleged arson of a house of the family Doable in the village of Duma.

According to ha’aretz, the house of the head of Shin bet was brought under heavy guard, and the police thwarted the attempt of the approximate one hundred demonstrators to approach the building.

About those detained during demonstrations are not reported. The press service of the police has not commented on these events.

A similar demonstration was held near the house of the head of the Israel security Agency, December 17.

On the same day, lawyers representing the detainees, held a special press conference at which stated that their clients «are subjected to torture designed to force them to confess to the murder of a family Doable».

According to lawyers, who on 16 December for the first time provided the opportunity to meet with the defendants, teenagers, beaten, interrogated for hours, holding hands and feet shackled suspects, deprive. According to Kaydara, during one of the interrogations, his client started vomiting. The doctor examined the detainee stated that he needs a rest and demanded to interrupt the interrogation. Approval Kaydara, this requirement was ignored and the suspect back for questioning.

Attorney ADI Keidar has described the situation as «unprecedented by the standards of Israel by violence, especially when it comes to minors».

General security service (SHABAK) has provided a response to the words of the lawyers, stating that «the investigation is in progress against the group of Jewish terrorists, suspects in serious crimes».

«From the moment of detention, we are seeing an active and organized attempt to tarnish the ISA and its employees», — is spoken in the comment of the intelligence services.

«This attempt is reprehensible and will not stop us from fulfilling his duty», — say representatives of the Shin bet, noting that «the detainees are being questioned intensively about everything related to suspicions».

The Association for civil rights issued a statement demanding to begin an immediate check of the data presented by the lawyers. «There is reason to fear that the SHABAK uses a method prohibited by the high court of appeals, such as physical violence and deprivation of the defendants of sleep for a long time» — say human rights activists.

On December 3 it was resolved to publish information about what the police and the SHABAK have arrested several Israelis suspected of involvement in a series of attacks against Arabs. Among others detained are suspected of involvement in the arson of the family Doable.

As have informed from the press service of the police, the detained young people suspected of involvement in a terrorist group and committing acts of terror.

As part of the investigation is verified, specific information linking the detainees with a terrorist attack in the village of Duma, said the press service of the police.

It is noted that all the details of the investigation, conducted jointly by the Israel security Agency, the police and the public Prosecutor’s office are prohibited from publishing.

Hundreds of people participated in protest demonstrations outside the house of the head of the Israel security Agency 20.12.2015

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