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Hurriyet: Turkey may fall under US sanctions for the purchase of s-400

The fact that the United States began to apply the law «On combating the enemies of America by sanctions» (CAATSA), «means serious trouble for us-Turkish relations that have become strained,» writes columnist for Turkish Newspapers Hürriyet Daily News Turkey’s Potential Yinanc. According to the author, CAATSA intended «to punish governments who purchase Moscow military equipment.» At a recent briefing, the US state Department said that it had undertaken diplomatic demarches against «countries, where we thought could be potential activities that fall under the sanctions: they were explained the consequences, we encouraged them to abandon any potential transactions that may be inconsistent [with the law]».

The journalist comments: «Turkey, which still intends to acquire Russian missile systems s-400, was definitely among the allies, informed and warned about the potential consequences of such purchases.»

Turkish officials, in order to avoid sanctions, saying that Turkey may buy from US Patriot. As the author notes, trump is hardly much interested in the problem of interoperability of Russian air defense equipment to NATO. He is not enthusiastic about NATO, but the idea of supplying the Patriot it might seem to him attractive.

But even if trump will personally opposed to sanctions against Turkey, the U.S. Congress, which refers to Turkey’s hostile, you will get the best of it, warns the author.

«At a briefing in Washington, state Department spokesman said on January 29 was not the deadline for the imposition of sanctions, but in reality the date of their start. If Turkey would implement its decision to purchase s-400, January 29 will begin the countdown to the imposition of U.S. sanctions against Turkey,» predicts Jinan.

Hurriyet: Turkey may fall under US sanctions for the purchase of s-400 01.02.2018

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