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«I fell to the ground and shouted: fire». The story of Pogranichniy wounded in the attack

Wednesday, February 3rd, the inspector General of police Roni Alsheikh visited the hospital «Ar and Hadassah mount Scopus» Pogranichniy Developed, who had been wounded in the attack near the Damascus gate in Jerusalem. The girl told police geninspektora about how events unfolded.

«It all started with the fact that we got a report about two suspicious people sitting near the Damascus gate,» he told Developed. According to her, the patrol, in which she was a part consisted of four people: three girls and an accompanying Pogranichny. «He asked one of the terrorists the documents, he rose from the bench and turned away, and the attendant asked him to sit down,» he said pogranichnitsa. «At this point, the second terrorist who was sitting nearby, stood up, apparently intending to attack, and when I saw this, pushed him away and we struck up a fight», she added.

Developed said that the terrorist, who was beside her, grabbed a Japanese knife. «Attendant, who held the second attacker, told us to shoot, but I still fought, and a terrorist with a knife attacked me and shot him in the face… I fell to the ground, shouted for them to shoot, and the terrorist in the back continued to cause me a cut head, said wounded. – I was on the ground when I heard the shots, and what happened next, I don’t remember».

As previously reported, the condition of the wounded Pogranichniy stabilized, it is estimated as the state of moderate severity.

Her companion, 19-year-old Adar Cohen, was killed in an attack by terrorists.

«I fell to the ground and shouted: fire». The story of Pogranichniy wounded in the attack 04.02.2016

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