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«I trust the Israeli doctors». Patient feedback about the clinic Call4Life

Created about two years ago, the clinic Call4Life («Calpoly») provides services to all the Israeli doctors who need it, regardless of what country the patient lives and what language he speaks. Medical platform Call4Life became one of the world’s first global projects belonging to the field of e-health, which provides direct video consultations with your doctor at any time, obtaining a prescription by e-mail and quick access to the medical history of the patient.

In addition, Call4Life there is a service that allows you to obtain the opinion of a medical expert. Many of us neblogas one doctor, faced with the inability to simultaneously refer to another to get an extra opinion about the diagnosis or treatment. To conduct a remote consultation with the help of doctors Call4Life often the expert view of the problem allows to adjust treatment and sometimes to identify a medical error.

Also on the platform Call4Life you can go through the Express check-up «taking Care of tomorrow» by answering the survey questions, designed to ensure early and accurate detection of diseases.

Here are some testimonials of clients and patients Call4Life.

Ashot M., Alma-ATA:

«I went to the clinic Call4Life when I needed to get an expert opinion about a diagnosis I local doctors. Unfortunately, the level of medicine in Kazakhstan cannot be compared to the Israeli, however, we all know that medicine in Israel is in first place in the world. In Call4Life I was first sent for additional tests, take them, I scanned all the results and posted them in the «my account» on the platform clinic. As a result, the Israeli doctor denied the diagnosis made by me at place of residence, revealed other disease. I was prescribed a course of treatment that I’m going through until now. Already I feel better, but, of course, upon completion of the course will return again in the Call4Life. In addition, I decided to buy a subscription to «family Care» for her mother, who lives in Yerevan. Wish she was under constant surveillance by Israeli doctors. In December, when you go to Armenia, help the mother to connect to the platform and listen together with her, what to tell the doctor.»

Alla H., Barcelona:

«Some time ago I complained to a friend in poor health, weakness and headaches. She advised me to contact Call4Life and pass the examination, answering the questions of a screening test is «taking Care of tomorrow». I answered questions, then spoke with artificial intelligence – «electronic doctor», who sent me for various tests and analyses. In the course of these inspections it became clear that I had problems with the gastrointestinal tract, besides low hemoglobin and iron deficiency. If not Call4Life, I would not soon went to take the tests. First, I have three children, and hence constantly there is no time, and secondly, in Spain, a visit to the doctor is expensive and wait for it to be long. I am therefore much more convenient (and cheaper) to consult with the doctor via the Internet. Besides, I trust the Israeli doctors».

Svetlana Z., Moscow:

«I went to the site Call4Life on the recommendation of the President of the company where I work. I wanted to pass the screening test «taking Care of tomorrow» that determines causes of excessive weight. I filled out the form, and then «electronic doctor» sent me for tests and verification. When I collected all the necessary results and posted them on the platform Call4Life, talked to me by an Israeli doctor and gave necessary recommendations. Fortunately, serious illnesses I have found, but we have identified a number of issues that need to be monitored. I really liked the holistic approach practised by Call4Life: first, they rule out all serious diseases, and then find in the body of those «points» that you should pay attention right now. I have already recommended to undergo medical examination in Call4Life their children and friends.»

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«I trust the Israeli doctors». Patient feedback about the clinic Call4Life 23.10.2017

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