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«I – we»: the Israelites mocked ridiculed campaign slogan Bernie Sanders

Last week the campaign headquarters Bernie Sanders, candidate for the U.S. presidency from the democratic party, published in social networks the slogan «I – we» in fourteen different languages, including Hebrew.
Facebook users generally reacted positively to this initiative – except the Israelis who just made fun of this peaceful message.

About it writes on 22 February, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

And while the French, the Dutch, the Spanish, the Germans and the Arabs confess their love to the Governor of Vermont, known for its penchant for socialism, the Israelites leave sarcastic comments.

«Such slogans reveal the relationship of socialism and fascism, and he and others consider personality as part of a team»; «The old Jew wants to reform criminal justice, he begins to justify pedophiles. As an expert in the field of camps, I am sure that Come Sanders is a threat to children. Leave him to moan in the locker room – where his place»; «you Guys realize that when he will destroy the economy, people will blame it on the Jews? One of the reasons our well being is that if something goes wrong, people blame the President, not the Jews. What if the President will be a Jew?»; «Socialism incites racism and hatred. Each puts his hand in the pocket of another that breeds hatred between different groups of the population», etc.

The campaign headquarters of Sanders has not commented on these accusations, according to the article, the author recommends the candidate to publish the same text in Yiddish.

Earlier this week, broadcaster Fox News has published the results of a nationwide poll in which course it was found out the ratio of voters to candidates on a post of the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party.

For the first time during the election campaign Senator Bernie Sanders is ahead of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Today, according to this survey, Sanders ‘ support of 47% voters, Clinton 44%.

Official candidate for the post of head of the White house from the Republicans will be named at the party Congress 18-21 July in Cleveland (Ohio), the candidate of the Democrats on this forum from 25 to 28 July in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania).

«I – we»: the Israelites mocked ridiculed campaign slogan Bernie Sanders 23.02.2016

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