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IDF: Hamas building in Gaza’s terror infrastructure under houses

The IDF discovered in the Northern part of the Gaza network of tunnels and terror infrastructure built under the two buildings, said in an interview with reporters, the commander of the southern command of the IDF major General Eyal Zamir.

According to him, one of the buildings is multi-storey and was built in the last two years, after the operation «Indestructible rock». Hamas used the construction process in order to create a Foundation of building the infrastructure needed for terrorist activities.

The second building, in which lives a large family, located in the vicinity of the mosque. According to major General Zamir, these buildings are an example of how Hamas operates within populated areas of the Gaza strip, seeking thereby to restrict the freedom of action of the IDF to the point of armed confrontation: «In case the IDF will be there to act, Hamas will try to use it for another act of delegitimization of Israel in the eyes of the world». At the same time, major General Zamir has noted: «These and similar buildings are a legitimate military target, and the responsibility for the consequences will fall on the shoulders of Hamas».

Speaking about the situation in the sector as a whole, major General Zamir has said that almost three years on the border with the Gaza reigns almost complete silence. «Incidents near the security fence are extremely rare, and even against the backdrop of recent events in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria, in the Gaza strip remained relatively calm,» said the commander of the Southern command.

However, he noted that Hamas constantly works in two ways: initiating anti-Israeli sabotage in Judea and Samaria, and continues to build weapons. «The process of weapons comes at the expense of ordinary citizens, residents of the sector, because a huge portion of the budgets gets into the disposal of the Hamas military wing, said Eyal Zamir. – We know how complicated the humanitarian situation in the Gaza, but the responsibility lies entirely on Hamas».

Major General Zamir added that Israel actively works against the threat of tunnels, but declined to go into details.

Answering the question about the changes in Hamas policy after the change of leadership of the organization in the Gaza strip, major General Zamir said: «From the point of view of the ideology of this organization, there is no change, and they should not expect. Hamas denies the legitimacy of the existence of the state of Israel, and it defines its strategic goals and objectives».

Eyal Zamir also said that work on the creation of an underground fence between Israel and Gaza continues, and they should be completed in the next two years.

In June of this year, the coordinator of the Israeli government’s actions in the Palestinian territories General Yoav (Poly) Mordechai said on his page in the network Facebook in Arabic 1 Jun forces of the Israel defense forces on the Gaza strip was discovered an underground tunnel. This tunnel is located directly under the building school for boys «al-Maasi» operating under the auspices of the UN Agency for aid to Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

June 9, the Saudi newspaper «Okaz» published an article with harsh accusations against the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, calling the mission a «double betrayal of Palestinian interests.» The publication accused Hamas of using tens of millions of dollars allocated by Saudi Arabia and the UAE for humanitarian aid to build tunnels under schools, hospitals and residential homes. «The terrorists of the «Islamic state» kill fast, while Hamas kills slowly spending money on terror at the behest of Iran and endanger the lives of Palestinian civilians», – was stated in the article.

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IDF: Hamas building in Gaza’s terror infrastructure under houses 10.08.2017

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