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Igor Guberman: «Smart rarely comes into my head – ask my wife». Interview

Igor Guberman, poet, writer and the bright voice of the Russian-speaking Israeli, who recently turned 80 years old, lives in Jerusalem – in the apartment, full of paintings, books, sculptures and gifts, under the shadow of «walrus penis» which he praised in his «Garik». A prominent member was similar to the hoe Neanderthal, and Huberman, in his brilliant quatrains, which today is called folk art.

After listening to and reading a huge amount of data you interview, I was horrified, realizing that there could be no question. You have, according to these texts, completely harmonious picture of the world – all take, including prison and solitary confinement, all can see the good and anyone mad. But there is something that you do not accept and someone do not forgive? And by the way: what were you like as a child – a bully, a know-it-all, little Buddha?

Begin with the end – neither a bully nor a Buddha, I was not, because I in the childhood very strongly beaten. Because I am a Jew. My brother have been taught, the way he became an academician, the word «Jew» I immediately climbed to fight, and was anemic. I was an honor student, grew up in a respectable family, behaved quietly, but there was something in me irritating. Ordinary district school, not elite, not the working – went there all sorts of people, some become doctors, one aircraft manufacturer. Normal, good guys. And here they beat me. And then, when he was in camp, I already knew that it’s not scary, and I am very thankful for that.

What I do not accept, can not tell you to fly to say – now poroyus in memory. I just don’t deal with such. I am annoyed by the smugness, excessive knowledge and too ardent commitment to any ideology.

Even Zionist?

Oh Yes, especially the Zionist! These intermediaries, who sell the Jewish idea and the Holocaust, is a terrible thing… So Yes, professional Jews I have very little pretty. But to list everyone who don’t like hard, I don’t see them – a few with whom I communicate, living closed. But makes me laugh a lot – the idiocy of the Russian state Duma, our idiots.

Jewish fool is the worst in the world. He is full of energy, ambition, erudite and looks like a researcher. You know them actually, you communicate with them, but names I will not name, because they are almost all alive, and the dead all the more impossible to speak ill. I recently told a wonderful joke to insert. «Comes to the Rabbi and the Jew asks: Rebbe, what is brain drain? And he answers: in your case it is cold».

Where they come from, where are, I don’t know, but these useful idiots, the Jews, who in the West, the stamp of Israel, these anti-Zionists… one of the smartest people I know, Dima Bykov when he talks about Israel, something in my head turned, something triggered… I don’t know what it is – I have no explanation…

May be the pursuit of the paradoxical nature? For a Jew to defend the Jews would be too right and just?

Maybe … I have the feeling that in this moment he loses his mind. And this theory about spilled salt is complete nonsense. The more that wherever we appeared, immediately collected and formed the salt shaker. By the way, the Bulls called Israel a failed project of the most humane considerations. He is afraid that when all the Jews gathered in one place, they are too easy to bomb. It’s amazing – talented, intelligent people, the chemists, physicists, philologists, winners of all kinds – and left! Lenin’s phrase «useful idiots» – very accurate. In 20-ies they were padureni ideology, but back then it was still possible to believe. But believe it today? Don’t understand…

Saw a show on the channel «Rain». They talked Sobchak and Parfyonov, who made the film «Russian Jews». Both are good, lovely people, absolutely not anti-Semitic. And they came to the conclusion that we have a lot of Russian and almost nothing Jewish. And the promise was also a very noble – you are our, and to be Russian is the best thing that can happen to a person. Do you feel the Russian intelligentsia, Soviet convict, a proud Israeli?

I’m Jewish Soviet spill, and will remain so, wherever you go. And I would agree with Parfenov – arriving in Israel, in America, we are still Soviet people. I would never want to live besides Israel, but in Russia feel very organic. I find common language with the profligate, and with professors in all the cities visited on tour. We are sitting in some cheap restaurant – at my request, so it was noisy and smoky, and drink, and perfectly understand each other. And I live in Israel closed, do not speak Hebrew and the Israeli people does not correlate. Here neighbors here know a little, very nice people. I almost immediately began to go on tour, and in addition I have a terrible bummer and pretty soon found that there to live, not owning a state language.

Israel is a great country, a great power. You know, what is the main symptom of the great powers? This attitude towards the children, the elderly, the sick. And complete peace of mind, even lying down on what today is called political correctness. I say this about people, but about politicians do not want to say they’re terrible, like everywhere else. About them either good or nothing.

«In Russia one can safely believe, but it is dangerous to trust» – your words. In one interview you called the state system of Russia «pahanatom». What happened today with this is not a foreign country to us, how do you think will resolve the current crisis?

How the situation will develop, I don’t know and don’t want to be neither Cassandra nor light a prophet. Because of fog the consciousness of the people by TV and the press there for a very long time nothing good will. And knowingly criticize Putin – he guessed and expressed desires of the people. That the soul of Russia, no one understands, wrote in the nineteenth century are wonderful people, and in the twentieth, and even more so, and all attempts something to model and predict collapse. I have one friend, or rather the relative who in his youth changed men are just horrible, one worse than the other, and the latter was really quite rancid full. But when my mom asked me not to change it, the genius said, «Mommy, are you sure that next year will be better?» The historic phrase actually fully applies to Putin and the Russian intelligentsia. It is not known who will come. The current, when it came, was calm, businesslike, practical man – and what he has become.

And madness over Crimea – such disagreements, many people quarreled, the couple in bed cursing. I was recently on tour in Ukraine – in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. Even in the Verkhovna Rada visited. I will not forget the Ukrainians nor Bohdan Khmelnytsky, no pogroms, no Babi Yar, you know that there were 1,200 Ukrainians and only 300 Germans? Yes, today other people, as in Germany, but I am afraid that in Ukraine, too, very soon something will happen. I Kuchma met, he was a normal, smart guy. I approached him and asked, in Ukraine ever calm down? And he answered: of course. After two or three generations it will be something good. It is about seventy years – we will not see. But I liked the subtle air of freedom, which hangs in the Parliament – Russia will not break. And even if they are currently there fighting, to health. After all, the Council of state shall not agree, to argue… and fight, if has no arguments, to call in the snout. All right.

I wanted to talk to you about religion. Many «Garik» you and God in you. Does this mean that a little bit believe in the Jewish God? In the essence, which organized the Big Bang, coined the air, the organic chain, the human brain in the end. But it forbids eating shrimp and to use the computer on Saturdays?

I am unable to get rid of you the beautiful word «agnostic», but you are lovely people and will tell you the truth: I don’t know. I: something is clearly there. Very tempting to think that there is. No matter who gave the Big Bang – minesweeper, his mother. And chains, and the air… And he may not be satisfied, and all this is a result of the Big Bang. Although it is difficult to believe that it makes a difference, every single fate. I don’t believe. The form of the most faithful in Israel, in Russia, he can only turn away from the faith. All those idiotic establishing prohibitions – such nonsense. When I see these people in black hats are fenced off from women not sitting next to them, not listen to a woman singing, you know – some of their ancestor was terribly Horny, fucked all around and attributed his own qualities to God.

But they say that the Jews great lovers – maybe it is true that they have a huge libido…

The same legend. Just the Jews are very chatty. «Itzik said that he managed eighteen times a night … Say you do.» These intermediaries between me and God discrediting the idea. If there is a Supreme being, it should be absolutely primitive. Its just filled with praise as molasses, a normal person would have puked. If it really was someone watching us from above, he would most likely threw up his hands and said: fuck!

Although… Scholars who have come to some kind of unsolvable problem, sometimes you begin to believe. Will tell you the story. A friend of mine, a famous writer, a free-thinker and brawler, came to Israel and decided to break all here. He came to the Western Wall and brought a huge ham sandwich. God seems to have noticed – after a month he fell into Judaism and now never leaves home without bales. Such is the hard humor of heaven.

«Children we have two. They’re good kids and fortunately none of them wrote. Although for my daughter I was afraid of: in childhood she showed artistic inclinations and said some very accurate phrase…» – your words. Why are actors and writers so I don’t want the children followed in their footsteps?

Because I know how much mischief committed on the way to be the bigger man. The path to glory terribly, terribly difficult. And not only professional thorns damage great human qualities.

You too have gone through this?

Probably… remember the humiliation that was experienced. You know, I’m in Russia, and wrote books, including «Negro». In a sense, was a literary Negro. It’s humiliating to cross out what you have written. So I wrote a book about Bekhterev, and he argued that the population of the solder not the Jews and the Russian state. And I dedicated a big Chapter, and it is completely thrown out. And anyway, this in my opinion is not respectable occupation to do the paperwork. If you do it unselfishly, Getmansky, write in the table is good. Beautiful, senseless, ungrateful human activity. But if for money…

But then again the same question: how do you feel about yourself, you, harmonious, self-respecting man… How do you fit into these definitions?

Barely… barely fit in. I’d like to be an adventurer of some raider. But it did not happen – my wife is a decent, not allow. And my son’s wonderful sense of humor. When he heard that one of our friend at the age of 75 believed in God and was circumcised, commented: «On you my God that to us not gozhe». Cool – really?

You have recently released a new book – «the Ninth diary, memoirs and «Garik» under one cover. What she means to you, what is different from your other books?

It does not. I wrote a thousand new poems, some travel experiences that has brought them together and publish, that’s all. Nothing in it is special. Just new poems, many of them going for two years – I’m a graphomaniac. I have no new ideas, no new approaches to the universe, no new points of view on the structure of mankind and its improvement.

Our small but proud country from each lemon manages to make lemonade. We are the first in desalinated water, the best fighting terror, and a single and unique people made us global anti-Semitism – I think without the hostile environment we have just cut to each other. Ashkenazi and Sephardi, Russian and Moroccan, left and right, bad and very bad. What do you think about our intifada, the Israeli perspective and the terror in Europe?

About Europe I have been all predicted. I had such a poem: «the Creator prepares us to display large funny woes – Europe will rise up for prayer and naked Asses». It’s terrible what’s going on! Digest whether it is Europe? I think that digest – something will have to sacrifice political correctness for example. But in Israel, I’m sure it is, we are a great power. With all my engineering ignorance, even though I’m an electrical engineer, but what the Israelis are doing in technology is simply amazing. And we in any case should not share territories – in any case! You, of course, will not print, but in the camp said: the dick on the snout to the mouth is not the barrel!

I am very sympathetic to Lieberman, which I’m very not cute to many. I do not quite belong to the politicians, but the difference between Israeli and Russian is obvious. And there, and there are idiots sons of bitches. But in Israel, whatever they do, even steal, even fucking secretaries, but they have a lively sense of the country, for the good of which they work. My friend, the owner of a grocery store, hung a great ad, a poster: «the Jews were the Jews there, the Jews will be there.» I am full of blind optimism rave against Israel. Russian politicians nothing is sacred, and it’s really scary.

The other day you turned 80 years old. How would you rate your life happy, interesting variety? Or something not true, and the image of the man and the hedonist hiding what you do not want to say?

Answer beautiful: my life is good, because 52 years ago I married a Tate. I was lucky in the fact that, when he first came to her house, I managed to fix the switch from the lamp, and she told me. If not Tata, I would now be serving another prison sentence for the murder of another wife. I would have killed them ruthlessly. My life was full of adventure, and one of them is the prison and the camp. Now about this I want to make another movie – I have to sit there and say something smart. I refused, I rarely clever comes to mind, don’t believe me, ask my wife.

Interviewed Alina Zagorskaya

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Igor Guberman: «Smart rarely comes into my head – ask my wife». Interview 22.07.2016

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