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Improved condition of one of the pilots of the crashed air force plane

Sunday, February 11, from RAMBAM hospital reported that the condition of one of the crew members of air force aircraft that crashed in the North of Israel, has improved.

According to published information, the pilot is disconnected from the artificial respirator and is fully conscious. Damage is currently assessed as moderate.

The second pilot is assessed as slight and, on 11 February, he will be discharged from the hospital.

As of Sunday morning, February 11, the IDF does not mention the cause of the fall of the F-16i «Sufa», although many media outlets since yesterday have reported that the plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses, and the crew ejected before the rocket hit.

Cannot be ruled out ejection of pilots after the message on-Board computer about the interception of the aircraft by Syrian air defenses, although later the missile did not hit the F-16.

The Israeli military deny the rumor, circulated by the Syrian state media, that supposedly was hit by more than one Israeli plane.

While the IDF is still the morning of 10 February, it was confirmed that Syrian air defenses fired at Israeli aircraft.

Improved condition of one of the pilots of the crashed air force plane 11.02.2018

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