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In Ḩawātah-Gilad was held the funeral of Rabbi Raziel, Sewage

Hundreds of people took part in the funeral of Rabbi Raziel, Sewaka, who was killed yesterday in a shooting attack on route 60 near the Outpost Ḩawātah-Gilad in Samaria.

«This is a war of darkness against light and victory of light have to do all that is possible and necessary for the victory of the light, which was Raziel,» he said, speaking at the funeral, Rabbi Elyakim Levanon.

The government was represented at the funeral the Minister Naftali Bennett. Bennett’s speech was interrupted by cries of «want revenge».

The Rabbi Shevah left a wife and six children.

The attack near Ḩawātah-Gilad was committed about 20:05. The investigation allegedly found that the terrorists who were in the car, overtook the car Raziel Sewage, fired at her with automatic weapons and fled. Rabbi Shevach, who was a volunteer in the ambulance service
«Magen David Adom», was shot in the neck, but managed to tell on the radio about the attack before he lost consciousness. One of the first on scene was a member of the Knesset Bezalel Smotrich («Bayt Yehudi») living in the settlement of Kedumim.

The paramedics took the wounded to the hospital «Meir» in Kfar Saba, where doctors were forced to admit the death of Raziel Sewage.

Throughout the night soldiers took part in the search of terrorists. As reported by the press service of the IDF, was blockaded villages around Nablus, and soldiers together with the staff of the General security service (SHABAK) carry out searches. On various sections of route 60 mounted roadblocks.

Commander of the Central district of the IDF, major General Roni NUMA ordered to carry out the inspection each car entering the city of Shechem and leaving it. By order of the command of the IDF in the Judea and Samaria area transferred additional forces of the army.

At night there were also clashes between settlers with the Palestinian Arabs. Near Yitzhar settlers threw stones at cars with the Arabs. The damage to several cars. No injuries were reported.
The head of the district of Samaria Council Yossi Dagan has accused the government that it did not take measures despite the continually deteriorating situation in the security sphere in Samaria. «Political considerations were not installed surveillance cameras on the stretch of highway where he was killed Raziel», he said.

The military correspondent of the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» Yossi Yehoshua said in his microblog on Twitter that the residents of the Ḩawātah-Gilad and the surrounding settlements warned recently about the growing trend of attacks, but measures to strengthen security were not accepted.
Rabbi Raziel, Shevach lived in the Ḩawātah-Gilad more than ten years, and was a well known figure among the settlers in Samaria. He is survived by his wife and six children.

Settlement Ḩawātah-Gilad, located near the intersection of Jeet, was founded in 2002 after the terrorist attack occurred in the area. In that attack was killed Gilad ZAR, who was the head of the security service of the regional Council of Samaria. As of 2016 lived in the settlement of 45 families.

In Ḩawātah-Gilad was held the funeral of Rabbi Raziel, Sewage 10.01.2018

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