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In 2015, a record was broken last 12 years, the number of new immigrants

For the second consecutive year a record number of returnees who came reserves the France. In second place — Ukraine, the third — Russia. The youngest immigrant of the year at the time of arrival was a month and a half, the oldest is 97 years old and he came from Russia.

According to the Ministry of aliyah and immigrant absorption and the Jewish Agency «Sokhnut» in 2015, the pace of immigration to Israel has increased by almost 10% compared with 2014. In total in 2015 have arrived in Israel more than 30,000 people at a time, a year earlier this indicator amounted to 27.500 people. The Ministry of absorption note that this is the best performance over the past 12 years.

For the second consecutive year a record number of returnees who came reserves the France. 2015 from the country repatriated in Israel 7.900 people (and in 2014 — 7.200).

In second place is Ukraine, which in the past year, arrived 7,000 people, which is 16% more than in 2014, when the number of returnees amounted to 6.000 people.

From Russia in 2015 has made the repatriation of 6,600 people (which is 40% larger than 2014, when arrived 4.900 people).

All in all, 2015 from Eastern Europe (including former Soviet Union) in Israel immigrated 15,000 people (in 2014 – 12.328), of the countries of Western Europe — 9.330 (2014 — 8.889) and from North America and Canada — 3.768 (2014 — 3.871).

Demographically, aliyah 2015 again can be called «youth»: over 50% arrived in Israel for immigrants consisted of people under the age of 30 years, including of 8,200 immigrants under 19 years of age, and 6.950 people aged 20 to 29 years. The youngest immigrant 2015 at the time of aliyah was only a month and a half, and he arrived from the United States, and the oldest immigrant arrived from Russia at the age of 97.
Among new immigrants in 2015 a lot of people with higher education in various areas. So, arrived in Israel 2.780 chartered engineers and specialists in the field of high technologies, 1228 doctors and paramedics, hundreds of lawyers and hundreds of athletes and artists.

The most popular city among new immigrants in 2015 was tel Aviv, where he settled 3.620 people. On the second place in Netanya, settled here 3,500 people, the third – Jerusalem, took 3.030. Closes the four of leaders of the Haifa – the Northern capital of Israel settled 2.250 new immigrants.

«This is a unique event of the year, we are busy with their daily problems, did not even pay attention. For the first time in the last decade, the number of arrivals to our country of immigrants has crossed the mark of 30 thousand people. Our duty is to take advantage of the opportunity before us and to create all conditions to receive and support aliyah. To the number of immigrants in 50 thousand people didn’t look in our eyes fantastic. And if we want – the tale will come true,» said Minister of aliyah and immigrant absorption ze’ev Elkin.

«Such a high number of immigrants from European countries, first of all, shows how attracted to the idea of Zionism. The fact that immigrants choosing Israel is the best proof that Israel has in Jewish life of great importance, and gives them what they cannot find anywhere else in the country. Their choice obliges us to make every effort to ensure that immigrants create conditions for rapid integration into educational and work processes so that they could «put down roots» as the previous generation, and to enrich Israel with new colors,»- summed up the results, the Chairman of the Jewish Agency Nathan Sharansky.

In 2015, a record was broken last 12 years, the number of new immigrants 29.12.2015

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