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In 2015, the flow of immigrants from Ukraine increased by 11%

According to the Ministry of absorption, in 2015, the number of immigrants from Ukraine increased by 11% compared with last year. In the «Foundation of Friendship» note that since December 2014, the Foundation is actively working in Ukraine and Israel sent 15 flights since 2000 immigrants on Board. It is expected that the next flight, organized by the Foundation, will be delivered early next week 253 new immigrants.

On the basis of the Ministry of absorption data, most immigrants landed in Israel in January, February and March. For example, in February it was noted 323% increase of aliyah in comparison with the same period last year, and in March arrived in Israel 970 returnees, which is a 10-year record.

Yechiel Rabbi Eckstein, President of the «Foundation of Friendship» said: «the fact that the number of returnees is growing, proves that the assumption about the extinction of aliyah was wrong. If working correctly, the number of returnees next year can be increased by another».

«Foundation of Friendship» reported that in parallel working with potential returnees in Ukraine and their absorption in Israel, he joined up in France, Uruguay, Venezuela, Turkey and other countries. The following year, the Foundation intends to strengthen its work in these countries and to expand its activities to other States, such as Belgium, Russia, Moldova, Brazil and Argentina.

«The Friendship Fund» (Keren Edidut) is a charitable organization that supports the state of Israel and the Jewish people. The Fund was established in 1983 in the United States Jekielek by Rabbi Eckstein. The Fund initiation and establishment of projects, leading to the strengthening of Israeli society.

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In 2015, the flow of immigrants from Ukraine increased by 11% 24.12.2015

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