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In 2016 the largest number of fair complaints concerned email

Monday, June 26, state Comptroller Yosef Shapira handed over to the speaker of the Knesset Julius Edelstein report on the complaints received from the public over the last year.

According to the report, during the year the Department for work with appeals of citizens to the office of the auditor General were received about 12,000 complaints from the public with the request to understand a given conflict situation.

The record for the number of complaints received was traditionally the «national insurance Institute» («bituah Leumi») — 1.102 complaints. In the first «five» also included the Post of Israel (681 complaint), police (504 complaints), the Ministry of justice (399 complaints) and the Ministry of construction (390 complaints).

The main complaints in the email concerned the lost letters and packages. After checking 72.5% of complaints were found to be fair.

The Israelis are dissatisfied with the police, complained about the refusal to accept they have a statement or for a long wait when you call in the «Moked 100», as well as delays in the investigation.

On the work of the Ministry of transport was 366 filed complaints, of which 45,4% were deemed fair.

324 complaints concerned the work of the Tax administration, of which 44.9 per cent was considered fair.

The report indicates that during the verification of the facts stated in the letters of citizens, flaws in the work of health insurance. In particular, the report mentioned that, contrary to the decision of the government, sickness funds collect money for the drugs in the basket with the survivors of the Disaster.

In the report of the auditor General, concerns have been expressed about the fact that in the Israeli schools there is a practice of punishing children for what their parents had not been able to make money. In particular, at a high school in Holon administration disconnected from the Internet the child, whose father owed a school of 400 shekels. The school addressed to the parents of the child with the request to pay the debt that they did not know. 36.2% of the complaints filed to the Ministry of education, was considered fair.

However, the report shows that in 2016 there is a sharp decrease in the number of complaints received by the office of the state Comptroller.

In 2016 the largest number of fair complaints concerned email 26.06.2017

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