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In a day of fasting the 9th of AV more than a thousand Jews ascended to the temple mount

Tuesday, August 1, in the fast day of 9 AV, 1043 Jewish pilgrims visited the temple mount. We are talking about the record number of Jews that ascended the mountain in one day.

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According to the NRG website, many who wish to ascend the temple mount stayed near the Maghrebi gate. Dozens of people did not rise in the hours allotted for the visit of the Jews. According to the regulations of Jewish pilgrims can climb the mountain from 7:30 to 10:00. According to some going to the mountain of the people, the police conducted a thorough screening of each, which led to the congestion at the entrance, and a waiting didn’t manage to pass to mount.

The police had removed from the territory of the six Jews suspected of the intention to pray. According to witnesses of incident, in relation to one of the remote force was applied.

As previously reported, at the entrance to the temple mount was a fight. According to published information, the incident began at a time when a group of Jewish pilgrims came from the territory of the Temple mount and clashed with Muslim.

According to police, a verbal altercation between them quickly escalated into a fight. Police arrested three Jewish participants of the fight and Muslim.

At the moment, the visits on the mountain continues.

Recall that in recent weeks, the Temple mount has been the object of tensions after the July 14, terrorists shot and killed the two police officers.
In response to this, Israel has placed metal detectors and surveillance cameras. Of the innovations are refused under pressure from the Waqf and of Jordan.

Currently, security measures at the Temple mount, the same that was at the time of the attack, July 14.

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In a day of fasting the 9th of AV more than a thousand Jews ascended to the temple mount 01.08.2017

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