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In a plane crash over Egypt detected the «Israeli track». Review of the Russian media

In Cairo began the procedure of decoding of «black boxes» of the crashed Airbus A321 for Russian airline «Kogalymavia», and in the capital of Egypt arrived the Chairman of Investigatory Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin, as well as investigators in the case of a plane crash. They are going to examine the scene and expect to receive the first data of the technical investigation of the possible causes of the emergency, informs the newspaper «Kommersant».

In the plans of the head of the RCDS – meeting with Prosecutor General of Egypt Nabil Ahmed Cedecom, which had previously authorized the participation of Russian experts in the investigation of causes of accident of the plane. Then Mr. Bastrykin and his party are counting on helicopters to fly to the crash site and inspect it, then return to Cairo.

Israeli and Western bloggers are starting to link the plane crash «Metrodzhet-9268» with what is happening in the area of the crash maneuvers by the Israeli air force Blue Flag award 2015 with the participation of the U.S. air force, Poland, Greece, said in another column of the odious Israel Shamir, a former Israeli journalist, now publishing in the Russian media and, in particular, in «Komsomolskaya Pravda» the article anti-Semitic and anti-Western clerics.

Israeli and American planes simulated air duels, simulated fighting in two dozens of kilometers from the place of death of Russian aircraft. The teachings were based on the Ovda airport, 70 km from Eilat and near the Egyptian border, along which flew Metrodzhet. This fact should be taken into account in the analysis of the flight 9268. The Russian plane was flying at such a height that it couldn’t knock the Sinai militants. But is it possible to exclude casual hit in this plane missiles fired by Israeli or American aircraft on this matter are specialists. (The teachings of the Blue Flag 2015 ended October 29, two days before the fall at mount Sinai Russian aircraft —

The owner of the company «RUSAL» Oleg Deripaska is initiating the suit of U.S. Bank Morgan Stanley, which he blames their losses on investments in the canadian automotive components manufacturer Magna International. The amount of damage a businessman appreciated from $15 million to $25 million the Hearings started in the court of Manhattan on November 2, writes the same publication.

According to Deripaska’s lawyers, Morgan Stanley used the insider information about buying a businessman shares in Magna to obtain illegal profits in trades on the stock market.

«Nezavisimaya Gazeta» published an article entitled «Putin’s middle East gambit,» in which its author, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Arbatov analyzes the main differences between the Syrian and Ukrainian scenarios.

Academician writes that a number of oddities and inconsistencies in words and actions suggest that, in addition to officially stated, the Russian policy there are other, unspoken motives and goals, that could clarify all the questions. In the context of the now generally accepted concepts of foreign policy, the main goal is the restoration of Russia’s status as a great power and a global power center. This course leads to a high rating of the country’s leadership, broad support of the people for its actions in Ukraine in a military confrontation between NATO and now in Syria.

For the first time in a quarter of a century after the end of the cold war, Russia holds a major military operation outside the former Soviet Union. She returns to the middle East, where for decades was attended by the Soviet Union. Nostalgia for his greatness and power (real or imaginary) have now covered the broad masses of Russians and became one of the main factors of the external and military policy. Another likely motive, which is not commented officially, but is actively discussed by experts is the demonstration of the revival of military strength is historically the main subject of national pride of Russia.

It can be stated that «the Syrian gambit» the Kremlin is still very successful. Russia took advantage of the inconsistency and low efficiency policies in the region, the US and its allies, but unlike Ukrainian epic of the Syrian operation Moscow was initially not directed against the West, and the common goal of combating terrorism. Despite her reluctance, USA after a year and a half gap were forced to start a military and political dialogue with Russia. Possible future cons of the Syrian campaign is that, as often happens, the tactical successes will not lead to strategic victories. The greatest danger is the return of terrorists to the country and that the Syrian operation contrary to the intent of management may be delayed, require the introduction of ground troops and great cost and sacrifice.

The topic of renaming the metro station «Voykovskaya» is devoted to an article by the columnist Ulyana Kabadi, famous for the remark about «lampshades from the skin of the liberals», published in «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«I know, what did the Voikov, Petr Lazarevich: organized the murder of the Royal family, insisted on the murder of the five children of the king, had personally killed with a bayonet the wounded girls, took off the ruby ring from the finger of the Empress. Or rather, I know that the witness reported. It’s not exactly, but it went down in history. Carp like to bask in sour cream: carp no one asked, but such is the power of public opinion.

But I want a map of the city and the history of my country was left alone. Do you hear? Left alone! The blood had all trampled in the mud, you gozmany new spill: the Patriotic war poked, you are a civilian… And it may be even harder. It is believed that such wounds do not heal. I ask: is it not possible to calm down finally and all of all to forgive?»

In a plane crash over Egypt detected the «Israeli track». Review of the Russian media 04.11.2015

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