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In Aden, held a mass demonstration of the separatists

Thousands of people took part in the meeting in Aden demonstrations in support of the restoration of independence of South Yemen. Demonstration of the separatists is the second time. The first took place on 4 may.

Demonstrators Express support for the «southern transitional Council», formed a former Governor of Aden Hydrocom al-Zubaydi with the participation of the governors of other southern provinces and the tribal leaders.

The office of the internationally recognized President of Yemen, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi issued a statement in which he called the Council’s action is unauthorized and unacceptable.

Recall: Yemen emerged in 1990 through the merger of two independent States: the Yemen Arab Republic with its capital in Sana’a and the people’s Democratic Republic of Yemen with its capital in Aden.

In Aden, held a mass demonstration of the separatists 22.05.2017

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