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In an attempt to seize the property of an elderly woman in Jerusalem is suspected «serial widower» Simon Cooper

Permitted to publish the name of a prisoner who is suspected of trying to seize the property of a lonely 94-year-old woman in Jerusalem. Is Shimon Cooper, who is serving two life sentences for the murder of his two wives. Monday, July 17, the magistrate’s court in Jerusalem extended his arrest for 8 days.

The investigation began several months ago when an elderly woman received a letter stating that all her property and money will go to the Cooper and his girlfriend, who worked as her nurse.

The investigation revealed that while working at an elderly woman the nurse had established with her intimate relations. She told me about her friend, however, said he is in the USA. The prisoner also talked with this old woman on the phone.

However, according to investigators, the pair were doing this to the elderly woman extended to them his property. In Cooper the search was conducted. His girlfriend was arrested, and her apartment in Jerusalem was also searched.

A couple suspected of attempting to seize the property of an elderly woman, fraud, use of forged documents and conspiracy to commit a crime.

In July 2016 the district court in Lod sentenced Shimon Cooper, convicted of the murder of two wives to the two life sentences. In addition, the court ordered Cooper to pay for 258 thousand shekels each to the families of the victims.

Recall that seven years ago, a year after Cooper was widowed a second time, in the program «Uvda», specializing in conducting private investigations, was shown the story on the mysterious death of his two wives. NICU killed himself in December 1994, and the Jenny died of a heart attack in August 2009. In the program there was no direct indication that the women were killed, but Simon Cooper said that the authors of the program, in fact, accused him of double murder, and filed for the program and for the production company to court for libel.

October 30, 2012, Cooper was arrested by police on suspicion of double murder.

In an attempt to seize the property of an elderly woman in Jerusalem is suspected «serial widower» Simon Cooper 17.07.2017

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