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In an interview with NBC News, Putin rejected suspicions about Russian intervention in U.S. presidential election

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin gave interview to the American TV channel NBC News. Parts of this interview in English published on the website of the TV channel. Full Russian text of the interview posted on the Kremlin website.

With the Russian President on the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum interviewed by journalist Megyn Kelly.

The first question concerned the information about the interference of Russia in the U.S. presidential election. Putin, answering the question, said: «I never saw any direct evidence of Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States. We talked about this with former President Obama, we spoke to some other officials – no one has ever shown me one shred of direct proof… Today’s technology is such that end address, you can disguise that no one would understand the origin of this’. Conversely, you can substitute any structure, any person, that all will think that he is the source of a particular attack. Modern technology is very sophisticated, delicate and allow it to do… I am Deeply convinced that no outside interference of any one, even in a small country, and especially in such a big, great power like the United States, could not affect the final result of the election. It’s never impossible.»

Further, after the reporter continued to ask questions on this subject, Putin said: «I don’t mean to offend, but the United States everywhere around the world to actively intervene in election campaigns of other countries… the United States not to be offended. Who tells us who is offended at us for what we interfering? You are constantly interfering».

Putin also said that «there was no meetings» with representatives of the environment trump and the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergey Kislyak. Then he said he just has no information about these meetings. Putin stressed that the ambassadors accountable to the Minister of foreign Affairs, who notifies the President only about something important, and in this case such reports, according to the Russian President, has not been received.

Asked about the meeting with former adviser of the President of the USA Michael Flynn, Putin said: «I almost never spoke. I only said Hello, sat down, then said goodbye, got up and left. All my acquaintance with Mr. Flynn. Here if Flynn was such contact, and with you the whole day, Flynn has been fired from work, and you should just be arrested and put in jail.»

On the question of the possible existence of the Russian leadership of any dirt on Donald trump the President of the Russian Federation said: «Just another nonsense. Where we have some information? We have that with him there was some special relationship? In General, there were no relations. He came to Moscow at the time. You know, I never met him. A lot is coming to us Americans. Now, in my opinion, representatives of a hundred American companies came to Russia. You think I every representative of the American company was found? You have probably seen or not, I went into the hall, where sat our colleagues. I think they are our friends, they all work in Russia, many years. They are investors, CEOs of the largest American companies, they are interested in working together. And thank God, we certainly will welcome every one of them. And each of them, we believe it is our friend, and will help them in implementing their plans in Russia. Will try to make an effort to work here successfully and profitably. They all should be arrested then? What are you, crazy? But what about the freedom of the economy? What about human rights? What do you think we each of them is now compradorial, perhaps, collect? Are you crazy or not?»

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In an interview with NBC News, Putin rejected suspicions about Russian intervention in U.S. presidential election 05.06.2017

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