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In Argentina discovered the largest collection of Nazi artifacts

Argentine police reported the discovery of the largest in the history of the country the collection of Nazi artifacts. They were found in a secret room in the house, located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and owned by well-known collector.

The collection – 75 items. Most of them accompanied by photos, which goes to show that they were intended for sale. «Thus, wanted to emphasize their enormity, the relationship with the führer,» — said the Minister of police Patricia Bullrich.

Among the objects is a bust of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi bronze eagle, military decorations, children’s toys with swastikas and even a compass to measure the head. This compass was used for confirmation of belonging to the Aryan race.

It is assumed that the artifacts belonged to high-ranking representatives of the Nazi regime who had fled to Latin America after the defeat in the Second world war. Countries such as Argentina willingly accepted these «refugees».

Among those who fled to Argentina, hiding from retaliation, and Dr. Josef Mengele, who conducted in Auschwitz horrific experiments. However, after his trail left the Israeli secret service, he fled to Paraguay and then to Brazil.

In Argentina discovered the largest collection of Nazi artifacts 20.06.2017

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