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In Cappadocia found preserved underground Church, of which 1,500 years

Archaeologists investigating situated in the Turkish province of Cappadocia underground city Nevsehir, found the Church of the Byzantine period. According to experts, located under the earth temple is about 1,500 years.

The Church meets all the canons of Byzantine architecture. Its interior is decorated with frescoes depicting the Ascension and the last judgment. Scientists say that the Temple was originally pagan, but it was rebuilt after the victory of Christianity.

After the discovery of the Church the archaeologists had to stop digging and to engage in the conservation of the frescoes, which could be killed by contact with the outside world – especially in stormy winter weather. After the completion of the temple will become the Central element of the archaeological reserve.

Note that Nevsehir is the largest and most ancient underground city in the world. He appeared 5000 years ago. The city was discovered in 2013 by accident – during the demolition of the old buildings under one of them was led into the earth hole.

The length of already explored transitions is greater than seven kilometers. However, the exact size of the complex, scientists have not yet installed. Experts note that the soft tuff rock in which are carved the complex, difficult work – the vaults are constantly threatened by collapse.

Found cuisine, wineries, mills, churches, ventilation ducts, conduits, of the oil mill. Parts of the complex were connected by staircases and corridors. It was inhabited for several millennia – from the early bronze age to Ottoman rule.

In Cappadocia found preserved underground Church, of which 1,500 years 07.02.2016

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