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In Dimona, Arad and Yeruham will be opened 15 new plants

In the first stage of the program of support of the industrial sector «Net Industry» («Net TAAS») in 2018 in the Eastern Negev will be opened 15 new plants. The program was developed by Finance Minister Moshe Kahlana and economy Minister Eli Cohen.

The first phase of the programme called «Eastern Negev — promoting industry and employment». It is for the investment of 273 million NIS to the opening of 15 new businesses in Dimona, Arad and Yeruham. It is noted that in recent years the level of unemployment in the Negev has decreased from 6.9% to 4.5%, and in the Eastern part of the Negev — from 9.4% to 7.5%. New businesses and new jobs will continue the trend of reducing unemployment in the region.

Economy Minister Ali Cohen said that among the 3 new plants will be opened in Dimona, in Yeruham 5 and 7 in Arad. His Department will allocate subsidies in the amount of 78 million NIS and the total investment will amount to 273 million. Cohen also said that the new plants will be added to this list of the four new businesses that were established in the Negev in late 2017.

«The development of the economy and support employment in the periphery is one of the most important economic objectives of the government — said Eli Cohen. And we will continue to support the population of the Eastern Negev and the industrial sector in the region. During 2017, the Ministry of economy invested in companies in the Negev 350 million shekels through subsidies for the opening and extension of factories, support for small and medium businesses and stimulate areas of research and development. In the coming years we expect significant production growth in this region.»

The first phase of the programme will be conducted on the basis of the decision of the ministries of Finance and economy, and not on the basis of the law on support of investments. As applicants for grants from the state have applied 14 companies, 12 of them were approved. It is noted that even 3 companies who applied for support, have received subsidies under the law on investment support.

In Arad 6 approved investment programs, totaling more than 147 million shekels, including a subsidy from the Ministry of economy of more than 47 million. In Yeruham 4 approved investment program by 42.5 million shekels including about 13 million grants from the Ministry of economy. In Dimona approved a public investment of 43.5 million shekels, including grants from the Ministry of economy of 13 million.

«The gap between the center and the periphery to cut through real action, not talk, — said the Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon. Over the past two and a half years we managed to significantly reduce the unemployment level, and we will continue to open new businesses, creating new quality jobs.»

In Dimona, Arad and Yeruham will be opened 15 new plants 10.01.2018

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