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In Egypt eliminated the militant group «Chasm»

Alexandria police conducted an operation to neutralize the militants grouping «Chasm», which is allegedly connected with the movement «Muslim brotherhood». During the operation, eliminated three terrorists.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Egypt, said that when the police approached the apartment where the militants were on them opened fire. Of victims by law enforcement bodies reported.

«The police intended to detain suspects. They were issued a Prosecutor’s warrant. But once under fire, they were forced to defend themselves,» — said in a statement.

Group «Chasm» has claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks. The largest of these occurred in Cairo on 9 December 2016.

He was committed on the streets of the capital al-Haram. The militants had laid a mine near a garbage can near the checkpoint at the mosque of As-Salam. The explosion killed six police, seven people were injured.

In Egypt eliminated the militant group «Chasm» 22.06.2017

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