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In Egyptian Deputy, tobecause with the Ambassador of Israel, thrown shoes

Member of the Egyptian Parliament, Ahmad Kamil during the meeting, took off his boots and threw it at my colleague, Tawfiq Okasu invited last week for dinner Israel’s Ambassador in Cairo Haim Koren.

Radio station «Sieves Beth», who told about the incident, notes that Kamil Ahmad has no regrets in his actions. In an interview to Egyptian media, he said that Tawfiq Okasu deserve to be pelted 90 million shoes, and he would be willing to shoot colleague. The politician expressed confidence that he expressed the point of view of ordinary Egyptians.

Earlier deputies of the Egyptian Parliament signed a petition demanding to punish the Tawfiq Okasu. «Inviting to dinner the Israeli Ambassador, Okasha committed an unprecedented crime. The people of Egypt opposes normalization», they say. «For the first time in the history of the Israeli Ambassador had left Cairo to meet with the Deputy at his home. MPs represent the Egyptian people, and the people still considers Israel an enemy, violating the rights of Palestinians,» said al-Kaid.

The signatories on a petition to demand a special meeting of the Commission on ethics on which to deprive Okasu seats in the Parliament and parliamentary immunity.

In Egyptian Deputy, tobecause with the Ambassador of Israel, thrown shoes 28.02.2016

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