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In Ekaterinburg blew up the tower. VIDEO

On Saturday morning, March 24th, in Ekaterinburg blew up unfinished nearly 220-foot television tower that was the tallest building in the city, reports RIA Novosti.

Before the demolition horn siren twice informed the people about the explosion. A few minutes later the explosion occurred, and the tower collapsed.

According to a local site E1, in connection with the preparation of the undermining of the tower was closed many streets in the city traffic jams were formed.

The explosion and the fall of the tower in Yekaterinburg

Demolition of TV tower in Yekaterinburg. Video

Tower building in Yekaterinburg with a height of 361 meters began in 1983 in the street on March 8. Her signal had spread to the whole Sverdlovsk oblast. However, in 1991, the construction due to shortages of funding have been frozen. In the unfinished tower supposed to house offices, a sports centre, registry office, rides, a cinema, a Church, but none of the ideas were never implemented, says RIA Novosti.

The place exploded of the tower is planned to build a new ice rink for the club KHL «Avtomobilist».

The inhabitants of Ekaterinburg actively protested against the demolition of the tower. Thursday, March 22, passed the action «let’s Embrace our tower» for the salvation of the TV tower. The gathered citizens held hands and went in two directions, thus «hugging» the tower. The event was attended by mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman.

Residents of Yekaterinburg has sent President Vladimir Putin a petition against the demolition of the tower. Copies of the document were sent to Roizman, Senator Edward Rossel and to the reception of the Russian presidential envoy Igor Kholmanskikh. In the petition it was noted that the Yekaterinburg TV tower of comparable height and other technical parameters, with the most famous TV towers in the world, it is the second highest in Russia after the Ostankino. The authors of the document stressed that the tower «became a legend» of Yekaterinburg.

However, the decision on the demolition of the tower was realized.

In Ekaterinburg blew up the tower. VIDEO 24.03.2018

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