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In Facebook continues to spread the clip, Hamas, calling for bus attacks

Readers drew attention to the fact that the Hamas video glorifying the organizer of the bus bombings of Yahya YASA and calling for new attacks, has also been published on the official page hematoscope TV channel «al-Aqsa» in the social network Facebook. This page contains many other materials that promote terror.

Given the experience of the lock page of the radio station «Voice of al-Aqsa», we encourage our readers to file a complaint in Facebook and on the website of the TV channel «al-Aqsa». It can be done here is a link that says «Report video».

We understand that even if you delete the video may continue to spread in social networks. But it seems to us fundamentally important to convince the administration of Facebook in the inadmissibility of placement of such materials. Moreover, on 8 February, the administration of this social network has agreed with our arguments.

Editorial will once again go directly to the leadership of Facebook in the U.S. and in the Facebook office in tel Aviv. In addition, we refer to the office of the Israeli Prime Minister with the request to use state measures to lock the pages of the TV channel Hamas on Facebook.

Note that, despite the lock on a page of «Voice of al-Aqsa», in consideration of the first complaint on the website of the TV channel «al-Aksy» the newly issued standard message «We checked the video that you complained for promoting the image of scenes of violence, and found that it did not violate our Community Standards». We recommend our readers after receiving such a response to give a negative review and indicate the reason you are not satisfied with that answer.

In Facebook continues to spread the clip, Hamas, calling for bus attacks 09.02.2016

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