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In France died Anne Golon – author of the Saga of the beautiful Angelica

On Friday, July 14, in the Paris suburb of Versailles passed away at the age of 95 years, the French writer Anne Golon, author of a series of historical novels about Angelique, which she wrote in collaboration with her husband, Serge Golon.

The cause of death was peritonitis, said on Sunday, July 16, the French news Agency AFP with reference to the daughter of the writer.

The Saga of angélique has been translated into thirty languages, consists of 13 books and is a highly successful stylization of the classic novel of the seventeenth century . Based on the stories about the beautiful adventuress in the 1960-ies and in 2013, some films that became blockbusters.

Anne and Serge Golon – literary pseudonym of a married couple, Simone Changé and Vsevolod Sergeyevich Golubinov, who died in 1972 from a stroke. Daughter of the writer, Simone and Nadine say that the main this family project was their mother, but the father only assisted and was looking for historical materials in the library of Versailles.

In 1957, the day of the birth of their third child, the first volume was released in France. As the authors featured Anne and Serge Golon – introduction a man’s name gave the work an air of seriousness and reliability, according to an article published by the website «Wikipedia».

English publishing house published the first book in the same 1957 under the pseudonym Serian Golon, without asking about the opinion of the authors, and in 1958 the book was published in USA under the same name.

The first novel about Angelique had snogsshibatelnye success: 320 publishers from 63 countries sold a total of more than 150 million copies of the 13 books in the series. In addition to the original editions were released many bootleg copies that have not brought the author some money.

In 1962 began the production of the first film about Angelique that was released in 1964. The main role in this film is played by the star of French cinema, Michel Mercier. After that, the circulation of books fell sharply, and Simon Changé lost copyright and was forced to start a lawsuit.

In recent years the younger generation of Europeans began to show special interest in books about Angelique – increased sales of those books, which were not filmed.

In France died Anne Golon – author of the Saga of the beautiful Angelica 16.07.2017

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