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In Galilee arrested fifty «black archeologists»

Employees of the Department for combating the theft of the antiquities authority together with the police and border guards detained the robbers who conducted illegal excavations in a cave located in the forest of Beit Keshet in the Lower Galilee.

As reports a press-Management service on the basis of intelligence information, law enforcement authorities set up an ambush for intruders, two of whom were digging, and the third took out the ground and watched what was happening around.

«Black archaeologists» were detained. They seized tools. During interrogation it was found that all of them residents of the village of Dvory over 50 years. Soon they will be indicted.

«We found the suspects not for the first time looking for ancient treasures in the area. Lately here at the village of Dwory increased activity seekers antiquities», — said the employee of Department on struggle against plunders NCI Distenfeld.

He stressed that such «excavations» cause significant damage to archaeological monuments. «The chance to find ancient almost zero, and the chance to be at court – much higher,» — said the archaeologist.

In Galilee arrested fifty «black archeologists» 19.04.2017

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