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In «Ganey Taaruha» started the event in support of Benjamin Netanyahu

At 19:00 in the exhibition center «Ganey Taaruha» in tel Aviv began the event, organized by head of the parliamentary faction «Likud» David Bitanem in support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The event organizers say that it will be attended by at least a thousand people. To this end, the event was moved from the hall of the Ocean in the more spacious First pavilion in «Ganey Taaruha». But, as of 19:00, in the hall were no more than 100-150 people. After half an hour there were about 800 people. At the entrance to the exhibition complex has a waiting list of those wishing to go to the event.

However, next to the «Ganne Taaruha» is the protest of people with disabilities. The roads leading to the complex is covered.

Speech Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled for 20:15.

In conversation with the correspondent of the site David Bitan said, «the Event is organized to put an end to the rumors spread by the left and the media about the alleged looming in the Likud split. Our unity firmly and unwavering. We all supported Benjamin Netanyahu, and today’s event will demonstrate».

Responding to a reporter’s question, whether all the deputies and Ministers of the Likud will participate in the event, Bican replied that they all come in, except those who are abroad.

Bican refused to answer the question, what sanctions will be taken against those who will not take part in the event, and said only: «the members of Likud have eyes, they see who supports us and who prefer to remain on the sidelines, and make the appropriate conclusions. Bitan reiterated that Netanyahu will remain in office even if it is presented with the indictment.

The head of the faction added: «By law the Prime Minister should not resign before the end of the court and the demands of the left and the press that Netanyahu went already, have under itself no bases».

The mayor of Jerusalem NIR Birkat, in an interview with said: «the situation is absurd, in which the Prime Minister has already convicted by the media before the police have finished their work. In such a situation the Prime Minister is extremely difficult to function and make vital decisions, so I felt it necessary to come here and Express my support.» NIR Barkat has rejected the assumption that thus he is preparing for primaries in the Likud. «I rarely come on party rejection and do it only when I feel that my support is needed. Very easy to maintain when everything is easy and good. I’m here because it’s difficult and, first and foremost, it is hard to the Prime Minister. I was with him before the last election, then, too, was hard.»

Knesset member Anat Berko said «I came because, as a member of the Knesset should support the leader of our party, the leader of the international scale, which is under unfair attack by those who want to remove him from power».

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In «Ganey Taaruha» started the event in support of Benjamin Netanyahu 09.08.2017

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