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In Gaza killed the probable organizer of the attempt on Hamdalla

The security service of Hamas carried out the operation to apprehend or neutralize the 25-year-old ANAS Abdul Malki, Abu House, which was named the organizer of attempt at the Prime Minister of the Palestinian authority Rami Hamdalla.

The Hamas leadership say that Abu HUS tried to take him alive, but his guards opened fire on the policemen.

In the shootout killed two employees «militia Hamas», and one of the guards of Abu Husa. Another guard was injured and taken under escort to the hospital. Himself Abu Cush received very severe injuries and later died (although earlier Hamas said that he was arrested).

Recall that the attempt was made on the morning of 13 March, when Faraj and Hamdallah, arrived in Gaza. In the way of their convoy was rocked by explosions and then the car fired. Was wounded seven security guards. Faraj and Hamdallah, was not injured. But the program of the visit was reduced.

The PA blamed the incident on Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip. Tawfiq Abu Naim, said that the attack was beneficial to the enemies of Hamas, hinting at the possible involvement of Israeli intelligence and radicals associated with the Islamic state.

According to the investigation report provided to the Ramallah security services of Hamas, on the route of the motorcade was at a distance of 37 metres from each other laid two pipe bombs, each weighing about 15 kg. Both bombs were fitted with detonators with remote control. The first bomb exploded, the second – no. About the shelling of the cars in the report nothing was said.

On March 21 Hamas has named the organizer of attempt and circulated his photo in all the Palestinian media. After which the surgery was performed in Nuseirat. Thus, the exchange of fire was provoked, as Abu Cush knew he was wanted on charges of organizing an attempt on Hamdalla.

Hamas says that the attack investigated, the organizer was found and eliminated, case closed. But it is possible that the perpetrators simply «appointed» one of opponents of the regime of Hamas.

In Gaza killed the probable organizer of the attempt on Hamdalla 22.03.2018

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