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In Gaza, the Hamas court sentenced to death two drug dealers

Sunday, March 19, it became known that in Gaza the judges of the military court, appointed by the authorities of the terrorist organization Hamas, has sentenced two local residents to death for drug trafficking.

This is the first precedent of this kind. Previously, the death penalty is imposed in Gaza, the murderers and collaborators who collaborated with the Israeli authorities.

«The Palestinian information center», belonging to Hamas quoted a representative of the Ministry of interior in Gaza that drug trafficking undermines the foundations and the unity of the Palestinian society, and that in recent months in the sector strengthened the fight against drug trafficking. He also accused the Israeli authorities in seeking to undermine the foundations of society in Gaza.

According to the chief of the military court in Gaza Nasser Suleiman, all drug traffickers operating in the Gas in contact with the occupation authorities.

The ability to sentence drug traffickers to death by hanging, was approved by a Sharia court in Gaza in 2013.

Acting in civil courts reluctant to impose the death penalty, since their enforcement requires the sanction of the President of the Palestinian national authority Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas does not recognize its legitimate head of the Palestinian authority because his term of office expired years ago. To apply to him for sanction is to reject this principle.

At the same time, military tribunals can do without such formalities. In accordance with a similar procedure during the operation «enduring rock» Hamas killed 18 suspected collaborators. The bodies of several of the executed were then dragged through the streets of Gaza tied to motorcycle.

In Gaza, the Hamas court sentenced to death two drug dealers 19.03.2017

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