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In Geneva resumed talks on Syria

In Geneva began the next, sixth round of negotiations on settling the situation in Syria. Both participants and experts say that the chances to make a breakthrough and put an end to a six-year civil war small.

The moderate opposition continues to insist that national reconciliation would be the end of Bashar al-Assad from the political arena. Supporting the US administration recently stated that it is not a priority, but after the chemical bombing in Idlib changed my mind.

The Syrian regime has reached several strategic achievements, the main of which – the evacuation of opposition fighters from the outskirts of Damascus. Advocates argue that in fact the authorities carried out ethnic cleansing, expelling Sunnis from their lands.

On the eve of the talks, Syria has officially denied claims by the US regarding the construction of the crematorium at the military prison, located to the North of Damascus. According to the American administration, in prison, executed daily 50 opponents of the regime.

In Geneva resumed talks on Syria 17.05.2017

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