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In Haifa desecrated the Orthodox Church of Elijah the prophet

In Haifa unknown desecrated the Church of the Orthodox monastery of St. Elijah the prophet. On its walls are black and silver paint is painted upside down crosses and «number of the Beast» – 666.

The Abbot of the monastery father Miroslav told the portal that the last time the temple had been desecrated in 2002. According to him, it is the basest barbarism.

The representative of the Orthodox Church noted that relations with neighbors have always been good. At their request, the monastery is surrounded by a stone wall, limiting iron fence.

According to the publication, in the desecration of the Church are suspected Satanists, who located near an abandoned synagogue. April 18 at the monastery was attended by representatives of the police and of the Russian diplomatic mission.

The Church of Elijah the prophet was built on mount Carmel, on land purchased of the Russian ecclesiastical mission in the early twentieth century. Permission for the construction of the Ottoman authorities agreed to give in 1913 in honor of 300 anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

The Church was consecrated the Patriarch of Jerusalem Damianos, however, after the revolution in Russia of pilgrims was much smaller, and worship in the Church was rare. After the proclamation of the state of Israel, she was transferred to the Moscow Patriarchate.

In 2002, the Church of Elijah the prophet became a victim of vandals wrote on the walls «it was Satan» and izrisovanje the image of Elijah the prophet obscene drawings. The characters were created in English and in Hebrew.

It has been attacked and other temples in Israel. So, in 2006, the Orthodox Church was crushed in the Migdal Haemek, and in 2012, vandals desecrated the Jerusalem monastery of the cross, where he is buried the great poet Shota Rustaveli.

In 2012 were desecrated the Trappist monastery in Latrun, vandals tried to set fire to the front door and scribbled walls of the building anti-Christian graffiti.

In 2013-2016 was repeatedly subjected to desecration of Jerusalem located on mount Zion Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin. The Church was set on fire, on the walls appeared offensive to Christians of the label.

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In Haifa desecrated the Orthodox Church of Elijah the prophet 18.04.2017

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