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In Iran «Zumba», as being contrary to the rules of Islam

The head of the Association of mass sports of the Islamic Republic of Iran signed a circular declaring the popular system fitness Zumba contrary to the Islamic worldview.

Zumba combines elements of dance and aerobics, and enjoys in Iran is very popular. More and more gyms give under her square previously occupied by the equipment.

The lessons are held only for a female audience trainers-women. Many of them fear that now remain without work, and the income of the halls will fall sharply.

After the victory of the Islamic revolution adopted a set of instructions governing the relationship of the sexes, to avoid the «corrupting influence of the West» and keep the purity of morals. So, were banned dancing, alcohol, pastime of the sexes.

The regime turns a blind eye to much of what happens in the personal life of the citizens, however, quite severe limits on their actions in the public sphere.

In Iran «Zumba», as being contrary to the rules of Islam 18.06.2017

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