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In Israel the daylight saving time summer came

In the night of Friday, March 23, Israel switched to daylight saving time. At 2 am, clocks were moved one hour ahead («sleep time» decreased by an hour).

Daylight saving time this year coincided with unusually hot and dry weather. Blows from the South desert winds (Sharav). The temperature in Jerusalem today will reach 30 degrees Celsius or more, in tel Aviv – 36 degrees, in Haifa – 33, Eilat – 37 in be’er Sheva – 37, on the coast of the Dead sea – 34, Ashkelon and Ashdod – 33, Ariel – 31, in Tiberias, on the shores of lake Kinneret – 34, in the Golan heights – 30.

The temperature of the water in the Mediterranean sea near the coast rose to 20 degrees, wave height on Friday – a total of 20-40 cm the Weather is ideal for swimming and relaxing on the beach.

Jellyfish at this time of year. On the beaches of the North of Israel, according to the website the concentration is higher than in the South and in the center.

Doctors recommend to avoid a long stay under the sun, you must use protective creams for the skin. This weather is also recommended to drink more water than usual.

Saturday will be much cooler (in Jerusalem up to 17-18 degrees, in tel-Aviv to 21-22 in Eilat – up to 33-34), increase the humidity, light rain is possible. Sunday is expected slight rise in temperature, is going to be Sunny. Monday-Tuesday – additional increase in temperature, lowering the humidity. «Summer heat» for a short time will return on Wednesday, March 28, the next day heat subsides.

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In Israel the daylight saving time summer came 23.03.2018

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