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In Japan, a new secret service – to combat the Islamic state and protection of G7 summit

Last Tuesday, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe said during a meeting of the Cabinet on the creation of new units of special services, tasked with combating terrorist group «Islamic state» inside the country and abroad.

About it writes on Wednesday, 9 December, news Agency France Press.

This structure, similar to the American CIA, which will include members of the foreign Ministry, defense Ministry and police, as well as intelligence analytical Department of the government, will collect and analyze information about impending terrorist attacks.

The main headquarters will be located in Tokyo, it is anticipated that there will be working twenty people. – Yaponki the diplomatic missions in South Asia, the middle East, and North and West Africa.

This decision was made by the government in light of the execution of two militants of the Japanese, and also in view of strengthening security of Japan during the G7 summit in may next year and the Olympics in 2020.

However, Oizumi Koichi, Professor at the University Aomori Chuo Gakuin University and expert on international terrorism, points to the shortcomings of the plan. In particular, it considers wrong step geographic choice, and also notes the weak position of the Japanese intelligence services in the field of intelligence and threat assessments. He commended the probability of a terrorist attack during the Olympic games or summit «the Big seven».

Earlier, Japan has already taken various counter-terrorism measures, intensifying its reconnaissance by means of satellites, monitorama the territory of the DPRK, which conducts nuclear test and threatens its neighbors.

The policy change was a response to the massacre of the militants of the terrorist group Islamic state two Japanese hostages entrepreneur Haruna Yukawa and journalist Kenji goto.

«Protection of Japanese nationals is the responsibility of the government. I bear the greatest responsibility for what happened,» he said. The head of government stressed that the Japanese military did not join the coalition will not take part in military action and supply them.

Former adviser to the head of the government of Kunihiko Miyake believes that for Japan the killing of citizens has become a milestone for Americans on September 11. «It’s time to give up the illusion that good intentions are not enough to protect themselves from the outside world,» he said.

Established in 1954, the national self-defense forces of Japan, called the Japanese army prohibited to conduct military operations abroad. Abe believes that this interferes with the land of the rising sun to take its rightful place in the international arena.

In Japan, a new secret service – to combat the Islamic state and protection of G7 summit 09.12.2015

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