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In Jerusalem, a rally was held dedicated to the fate of «the missing Yemeni children»

Hundreds of representatives of the Yemeni community took part in the meeting devoted to the fate of the «missing Yemenite children.» The event was held on king George in Jerusalem. Among those present were some members of the Knesset.

The demonstrators blocked traffic on the street, king George.

Participants of the rally demanded from the government official recognition of the tragedy of a family of immigrants from Yemen and the Balkans, as well as posthumously to justify Ultrasound of Meshulam, who claimed in the 90-ies that Yemeni children were kidnapped and given in adoption in the United States. He was accused of incitement to mass riots and armed resistance to the police.

The meeting in Jerusalem took place after last week in the Knesset, were shown documents and photographs that, according to some parliamentarians, can attest to the fact that Yemeni children used for medical experiments.

28 Dec 2016 was published 210 thousand documents concerning the fate of the disappeared children. Were made public the work of the commissions studying the information about the disappearance of children, and 3,500 cases of children placed for adoption in the first two years of existence of the state.

In the center of the investigation commissions was the events of 1948-1950 years, when Israel came about 50 thousand Yemeni Jews. Returnees resettled in tent camps or in the so-called «maabarot» (temporary settlements). Yemeni families were mostly large, and thousands of guests to the children of Israel was very weak and suffered from many diseases, mainly diseases of the esophagus. At that time in Israel was rampant polio epidemic. Since polio is an infectious disease, upon the slightest suspicion of children were isolated and sent to isolation rooms and in hospitals. Often without any accompanying documents. After this, parents frequently reported that their child was dead and already buried. The majority of parents did not attend the funeral and did not receive a death certificate. As it turned out, many children do die in hospitals, but almost no one did all the families of the survivors «unnamed» children, and they were transferred to a sanatorium society WIZO, where he was given up for adoption.

Thus, according to the official version in the first years of the state of Israel lost over a thousand children, mainly in infants of Eastern origin. Two-thirds of these originate from the Yemeni families. Three of the Commission investigating the case, «Yemeni children» studied 1.033 case. In 2001, the Commission Cohen-Kedmi published a report showing that 972 child died under mysterious circumstances, and the fate of the unknown 52. The documents, published on 28 December 2016, stating that «a secret transfer of children for adoption on a systematic character».

In June 2016, the site published material on the «Case of the Yemeni children.»

In Jerusalem, a rally was held dedicated to the fate of «the missing Yemeni children» 21.06.2017

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