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In Jerusalem dismantled a monument to King David, the gift of the Russian Foundation

On Tuesday, March 27, at mount Zion in the Old city of Jerusalem was dismantled the monument to King David established almost 10 years ago, the Russian charity Foundation of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa.

Editorial finds out, on whose authority and for what reason was dismantled the monument. We have addressed these issues to the mayor of Jerusalem, until an official response had not been received.

Previously, the statue was repeatedly sustained damage, then the restoration is not always carried out quickly. Usually, the attackers were beaten off fragments of the face of David, and after the restoration was made previously visible damage.

Historian-theologian Michael Tuval, who witnessed the dismantling of the monument, has published on his page in social network Facebook the video and photos.

The monument of King David was established in Jerusalem, near the alleged tomb of the king («Kever David»), under the walls of the Church of the assumption of the virgin, in October 2008. The cast bronze statue of the legendary king of the Jews was received by the Israeli authorities as a gift from the Russian welfare Fund of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa which is a non-profit organization.

At the consecration of the monument then came the Russian delegation of 120 people.

The author of the project was sculptor Alexander Demin. To installation the site was prepared Oleksandr Ustenko, Director of the plant «Lit-Art», which cast the statue.

With the beginning of the installation in the Old town of monument, depicting a realistic person, was perceived negatively by many members of the Jewish ultra-Orthodox community. The statue was repeatedly applied the deliberate damage.

In 2008, the correspondent Mary Horowitz spoke with ravino mount Zion Mordechai Goldstein, who explained this attitude as follows: «the Problem is the shape of the ear of this monument. If there is no ear or is there a defect in which the ear is half truncated – this design has a right to exist. So ruled the largest spiritual authority Rabbi Yosef Shalom elyashiv. Because there is a sculpture of a man without ears. But if looking at the statue of David, we have the impression that the ear intact, and only hidden behind the hair – then it is inadmissible». According to Rabbi Goldstein, it was assumed that the king will be performed in a more abstract manner, but the initial draft was amended.

Rabbi Goldstein told then that the monument to King David is a collective gift. The cost of its creation and installation, according to him, amounted to about $ 2 million.

The Executive Director of the charitable Foundation of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Nikolai Goryachkin almost ten years ago, explained to that the statue of King David was established on mount Zion in Jerusalem with the full consent of the Israeli authorities and with the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In Jerusalem dismantled a monument to King David, the gift of the Russian Foundation 27.03.2018

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