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In Jerusalem, the religious residents of the quarter threw the soldier eggs

In the religious quarter of Jerusalem’s MEA she’arim was attacked by a soldier of the IDF. The locals threw in the pile of soldier carrying eggs and heavy objects. At the scene was sent to the police.

The press service of the police reported that the guards during the operation to evacuate the soldier to a safe place is also under attack.

Two rioters were detained.

Soldier and police as a result of this incident was not injured.

Recall that the rabbis, ultra-Orthodox community do not support religious young men who have decided to leave yeshiva to serve in the army. At the end of December in the MEA she’arim thousands of people attended a demonstration against amendments to the law on conscription. The protesters also expressed dissatisfaction with those religious youth who was drafted into the army contrary to the recommendations of the rabbis. The demonstrators were carrying dolls, dressed in army uniform with signs «hardak» (short for «haredim Kalei Daat» — «frivolous Haredi». The resulting reduction in its sound resembles the word «Haakim» – insects — approx.ed.). Participants of the action lit candles in memory of the 260 men, pristavkina into the army last month.

In Jerusalem, the religious residents of the quarter threw the soldier eggs 24.02.2016

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