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In Jordan we celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Karama, «the first defeat of the Israelites»

Jordanians noted 49th anniversary of the battle of Karama, which in the Kingdom was proclaimed first in history to defeat the Israeli army. According to the newspaper «al-Dustour», «valor soldiers forced the aggressor to retreat.»

In March 1968, the Israeli military command decided to conduct a sting operation in the Palestinian refugee camp of Karama on the East Bank of the Jordan, near Jericho. Here was located the headquarters of the PLO.

Military preparations of the Israelites, styanuvshih to Jericho the best units of the IDF, was seen by the Jordanians. Command decided that the planned operation to capture of Amman. In the area of the alleged attack was directed infantry division, tank brigade, artillery units.

Another consequence of the loss of the surprise effect was the withdrawal from the camp of most fighters of the PLO. Subsequently, Palestinian sources claimed to have received information about the planned operation from the Jordanians, and those from the CIA.

During the operation, Israeli forces encountered fierce resistance by the Arab Legion and the PLO. Set before the soldiers the task was completed the camp was destroyed, and were in it the terrorists killed or captured.

However, the IDF suffered heavy losses – more than 30 soldiers were killed and about 70 injured. Of a number of bodies were impossible to evacuate. Trophies Jordanians have become abandoned and wrecked tanks, subsequently demonstrated at the «victory parade» in Amman.

In Jordan we celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Karama, «the first defeat of the Israelites» 21.03.2017

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