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In Kenya completed the construction of the railway Mombasa-Nairobi

May 29 Kenya has completed the construction of the largest since the independence of an infrastructure project, the standard of the railway linking the capital Nairobi is located on the coast of the Indian ocean Mombasa.

The passenger of the first train, made his way between the cities for 5 hours, became the country’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Until now, the city was connected by railway sample more of the old colonial buildings, a journey which took 24 hours.

To serve the new road will be 5 passenger and 8 freight locomotives, 40 passenger and freight cars 1.620.

The opening of the railway will not only reduce the journey between the two largest cities in Kenya, but will significantly increase and reduce the turnover of goods between the coast and Central regions of the country.

The construction and financing of the railway infrastructure is carried out by Chinese companies and banks. The Kenyan government pays only 10% of the cost.

By 2021 it is planned to increase the construction of the road to the border with Uganda to the point of connection with the Uganda railway, which also lay a Chinese company.

In Kenya completed the construction of the railway Mombasa-Nairobi 30.05.2017

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