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In Lyon destroyed the memorial to the child victims of the Holocaust. Macron outraged

A plaque with the names of Holocaust victims 44 children and seven adults – mounted in the city Park of Lyon in memory of the dead the orphanage in the town of Isle, desecrated by unknown vandals, reported on 9 August, the French news Agency AFP.

Children and their caregivers were deported to the death camp Auschwitz and died there. Survived one of the teachers also sent to a concentration camp.

The President of France Emmanuel macron has released in this regard, a special statement in which he called the crime «a shameful and cowardly act and pledged that the perpetrators will not go unpunished.

We will remind that on April 6, 1944, the Nazis on the orders of Klaus Barbie, head of the local branch of the Gestapo, known by the names «butcher of Lyon» and «the Hangman of Lyon», was searched orphanage in Isle and arrested the children and their teachers. Most of them were killed in gas chambers.

In 1947, Barbie was sentenced in absentia by a French court to death and the same year became agent of the American secret service CIC. With the help of the Americans he emigrated in 1951 to Bolivia under the name Klaus Altmann, where he received the citizenship of this country.

According to some, the former Gestapo advised the command of the government forces, sedavkina in the guerrillas, and in the early 80-ies of the last century was the security adviser of the President of Bolivia, Luis Garcia Mesa.

In 1983, Klaus Barbie was deported to France, where he was brought before the court. The process started on 11 may 1987 and attracted the attention of the world community. In 1987, the «butcher of Lyon» was convicted of crimes against humanity and sentenced to life imprisonment. He died September 25, 1991 in a French prison from cancer.

In Lyon destroyed the memorial to the child victims of the Holocaust. Macron outraged

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