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In Moscow are convinced: Kuntar has eliminated Israel. Review of the Russian media

«Kommersant» publishes today an article by Yury Matsarsky called «Elimination of Kuntar was the confirmation of the willingness of Israel to forgive and not forget.» The journalist writes that the statements of the opposition to Assad Free Syrian army, have taken responsibility for the murder of Kuntar, the other parties to the conflict do not take seriously, rightly pointing to the fact that grouping is not just aviation. Thus, Israel remains the most likely organizer of the event.

Military observer of «Novaya Gazeta» Pavel Felgengauer notes that an air operation was carried out away from the main areas of actions of the Russian air force in Syria, but this does not mean that Moscow was not aware of the plans of Israel.

«This relationship between Israel and its local enemy. Nothing to do with it, neither Iran nor Turkey nor Syria. Israel is at war for its existence against enemies, it is their business, their internal war with Hizbullah. Russia protects Assad, Hezbollah, too, but that doesn’t mean that Russia is on the side of Hizbullah. There may be people in the middle East among the Arabs, who deem that Russia have to shoot down the plane. Well you never know, so I think this opinion is in any case will not affect the policy of Moscow. You have to be an idiot to shoot down Israeli aircraft, only this is still not enough. This is one of the few countries with whom we have decent relations», – commented on these developments, chief researcher, Institute of world economy and international relations, Georgy Mirsky.

On Tuesday morning the staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) came to searches in apartments of members of the organization «Open Russia» and press Secretary of former head of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Kyle Piispanen. According to the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin, investigative activities are conducted according to the «basic» case of YUKOS, initiated in 2003.

«I think it is quite fun, especially considering the fact that none of the current staff members and activists of the «Open Russia» in YUKOS did not work. The insanity has reached its final stage. We are all familiar with the Brezhnev era, I mean the older generation. Nothing new,» said Mr Khodorkovsky in the air of «echo of Moscow».

The former head of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense Michael Flynn, head of the Agency in 2012-2014, in December, visited Moscow at the invitation of the Russia Today TV channel, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Known subsequently as a critic of the American invasion of Iraq and the international military operation in Libya, Michael Flynn said in an interview with the app «Power» on the consequences of the Russian intervention in the Syrian conflict.

In this article titled «We’re moving to the big war,» Flynn said: «as a young officer I learned: the best plan – one that leaves you with more alternatives on the last minute. I wonder, does President Putin that he has the best plan? Does the same thing President Obama? When I look at what is happening, how things are going, I see that above us was a huge threat. I think we gave ourselves enough choices. And the direction we’re heading now, this conflict is a great war. The closer we are to it, the higher the risk, the greater the price, the less we have a choice.»

«Rossiyskaya Gazeta» writes with reference to the German Bild that the German authorities found Syrian refugees forged passports. The article notes that the fake documents made in the same workshop ISIS in raqqa, where passports were prepared by the Islamists, who organized the terrorist attacks in Paris.

According to the publication, the terrorists have been registered in Germany before the attacks in Paris that took place on 13 November. Where are these people who enter with forged documents in Germany, no one currently knows. Office for refugees, Germany has only copies of forged documents.

New missile defense system «David’s Sling», developed jointly by Israel and the US, successfully passed the last test, informs «the Independent newspaper» referring to the Ministry of defense of Israel. «The success of this test is the last stage of the system development before it will be delivered to the air forces of Israel and declared to be operating in 2016», – stated on page departments in the social network Twitter. The «sling of David» is conceived as an intermediate between a tactical complex «Iron dome» capable of intercepting short-range missiles, the type of Palestinian «Kasimov», «grad», the Lebanese «Katyusha», and long-range interceptor missiles Patriot and «Hetz» («Arrow»), who oppose the Iranian «shabam» and Syrian Scud missiles in the most advanced versions.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said today, after the media reported about the seizure of property in connection with the decision to charge Russia $50 billion in favor of former Yukos shareholders that the Russian Federation will take legal action to protect its interests, the newspaper «Izvestia».

Peskov was asked to comment on media reports that the shareholders of the YUKOS managed to achieve from the Paris court of appeal decisions on the arrest payment of launch services providers Arianespace and satellite operator Eutelsat to Russian counterparties. The plaintiffs also claim on arrest of property of Russia at Air France. «I do not have so much detailed information to be in a position to comment on it» – said the press Secretary of the President.

The newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» published on Tuesday an article titled «ISIS is preparing saboteurs for terrorist attacks in Russia», which talks about how the rebels recruit and train personnel on the territory of Dagestan.

«In parallel, secular, reality, Dagestan is experiencing a real construction boom. This indiscriminate construction in the eyes and climb all chronic problems of the Republic. For you there is no town planning and architectural rules, if you’re a respected man with money. Alone you can’t have respect. So, you should clan — tribal or Patriotic, whatever. Those who do not fit into this orderly system, the social Elevator is kept by the head of the family, looking for happiness in other places. In Moscow, in the crime, finally in radical Islam, where all are equal from birth all the brothers,» – explains the reasons for this phenomenon, one of the interlocutors edition.

In Moscow are convinced: Kuntar has eliminated Israel. Review of the Russian media 22.12.2015

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